We encourage you to use our private wood-fired garden sauna. This is a unique place. You will certainly not find there what public saunas offer but you will discover in it what is the essence of being in the sauna closer to nature.

Our sauna has been intentionally located in the garden among trees and grass.

The environment of nature for relaxation is the best. It is very soothing to the eyes and mind when you rest after a session in the sauna among the greenery.

All elements of the sauna were built of wood, the best material in which a person should stay. The room where the stove is made of Siberian spruce, benches and couches of African abachi wood. No impregnation lacquers or chemicals were used in this room. 100% nature. Here you will definitely feel the wonderful aroma of wood and essential oils - only natural. Zero synthetic esters.

The sauna is wood-fired like a real Russian banya. The sauna heater is covered with basalt stones, which can heat up to 246 °C. You will certainly not smell the dust burnt on the electric heaters of common sauna stoves.

In my sauna you will smell the real fire and the heat of the fire. It's something completely different from the heat of electric heaters. There is a very distinct difference in the feeling of heat that gives the energy of wood burned in the oven. This natural heat in the sauna helps your body cleanse itself by sweating, which is a sign of a well-functioning lymphatic system. This warmth stimulates the circulatory system and causes your body muscles to return to a non-tense state, appropriate for a person who is relaxed.

After a sauna session in winter I offer you a unique cooling experience:

  1. rolling in the snow in the garden,
  2. rubbing snow,
  3. bathing in a cryo-tub filled with very cold water from a well with the addition of ice or snow,
  4. lying in the snow.

Our proprietary cryo-tub especially in the winter provides a unique experience. The biggest tough guys are able to immerse in it for 2 minutes at an ambient temperature below -10 °C.

When there is no winter, we suggest cooling down in:

  1. cryo-tub in water at a temperature of about 4-6 °C
  2. shower in ice-cold water,
  3. a wall of very cold water that spills out of Ahmed's cage
  4. lying on the grass and enjoying the connection with Mother Earth (Pacha mama)
  5. nap on wooden deck chairs in the garden.

The sauna has comfortable wooden couches in the relaxation area. After the sensations you received during cooling, lie down comfortably on mega comfortable mattresses and enjoy the heat that slowly penetrates your body, listen to good music or watch movies showing the beauty of our planet's nature. All this and discreet candle light will make you love this state and this place. After the evening sauna sessions, we offer you accommodation in the relaxation area. Believe me, sleeping in this place surrounded by the scents of wood, candles and essential oils will make you remember for a long time. Sleep will be strong and healthy. In the morning you will get up rested like never before, and often your eyes will be glued in "sleepers" like an infant.

Everything I write is true because I experience this state at least twice a week throughout the year. I don't remember when I suffered from so-called colds, strep throat, flu. Sauna gives health to your body and soul.

I invite you to my sauna.