Why rent an apartment in the crowded city of Lublin, fight for a parking space every day, waste time in traffic jams for commuting to / from work, inhale concrete, dust and struggle with many neighbors?!

Have you ever considered an alternative?

You can live in the countryside among trees, fields, forests, streams and sources of clean drinking water. Enjoy the peace, quiet and green surroundings. All this is surrounded by our Home, inCubo.

  • Rent any apartment for at least 1 month and learn about the advantages of living in a rural "out of town".

Did you know that a car journey to the center of Lublin takes 8 minutes?

Yes, 8 minutes and you'll see the Lublin Castle and the Old Town.

Travel time was determined empirically.

  • Our house is located near the entrance to S19. By road S19 and exit at Lublin, a car journey will lead you quickly to the two-lane WZ Route, from which you can easily get to any place in the city quickly and without major traffic jams.

Each of our apartments is ready for long-term rental. Each has a fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, TV, WIFI and air conditioning.

In addition, we offer a package of services and amenities for long-term rentals.

Some amenities include:

  • the building is monitored and guarded, cameras are installed inside and outside the building
  • access to the building on a magnetic card with the history of use
  • large garden, public, with garden furniture
  • large public parking lot in front of the building, monitored
  • large, locked parking lot, monitored
  • na miejscu altana Arisha z dostępną lodówką na napoje
  • barbecue place
  • deck chairs, generally available in the garden
  • 200 m MPK bus stop, city line 33
  • 200 m Lewiatan Supermarket, also open on Sundays
  • 150 m Dores Pub, homemade food
  • 250 m Pharmacy Point
  • 300 m PBS Bank and ATM (24/7)
  • 400 m Hairdresser and Beautician
  • 200 m Tire Plant and Car Mechanic
  • at least two pizzerias with delivery available in the area
  • several restaurants within a 3 km radius
  • sidewalks and street lighting throughout the village
  • cycle paths

Services available for long-term rental:

  • reception services, we can receive your correspondence and packages from couriers while you are at work
  • 24/7 access to our gym - free during the rental period
  • access to our sauna - once a month for free on a set day
  • apartment cleaning, washing and drying in dryers services
  • ironing and ironing services
  • guaranteed parking spot service in a closed car park

Additional fees charged in addition to the rent:

  • electricity payment according to consumption meter, you pay only as much as you used
  • central heating, payable only during the heating season
  • water and sewage according to the consumption meter, you pay only as much as you used
  • air conditioning, monthly fee - optional, you may not order this service if you do not need it
  • WIFI service, you won't pay anything, you'll get basic Internet for free
  • cleaning the staircase, clearing the parking lot and alleys

All guests of our house are obliged to comply with the inCubo Residence Rules.